Hal Metzger

Property Maintenance Engineer

CRE Mobile
1102 Dauphin Street, Suite A
Mobile, AL 36604

t 251.438.4312
m 251.800.1256


While our director of property management, Josh W. Hall, touts Hal Metzger as one of his greatest maintenance engineers he has ever had, Metzger actually has a surprising career history as a restaurateur.  Metzger owned Whistle Stop Café, a renowned local restaurant in the midtown Mobile area, for about twenty years.

After deciding to retire from the restaurant business, the stars aligned, and Metzger landed himself the maintenance engineer position at NAI Mobile in February of 2017 just as the company was in need. Then Hal helped the company continue to serve our clients through the full rebrand to CRE Mobile where Hal continues to do great things!

Having owned a construction company in his twenties, Metzger is well-equipped with the perfect hands-on experience required for the position. This experience in addition to his polished people skills for all his years as a restaurant owner makes Metzger one of CRE’s most valuable assets.